An Artist Development & Management Company founded 2005 in Los Angeles, California. Our mission has consistently been to keep the art of entertainment, just as vital as the business of entertainment. We’ve committed all of our resources to making that vision come to fruition. For over a decade, we have created platforms with the talent in mind, developing some of the most unique Artist Showcases, Live Shows and Concerts in Southern California. We have provided a local stage for many rising artists and have done some notable headliner events. We have since evolved and expanded our reach through our subsidiaries to include Event Operations & Logistics, Music Publishing, Fashion and Entertainment Management, still putting the Art first, always keeping the Art as our priority.

Where you want to be for the best curated live shows in LA. Come experience some of the most amazing talent on one stage. Artist performances, Spoken word, Comedy, Live art and more. This is an event made for the people by the people. Follow us on Instagram  @TheMelodyShowLA 


A Lifestyles Brand & Movement that simply encourages everyone to embrace who they are and not fall to the subjections of a conformist society. To liberate through acceptance of individuality.—You DON’T have to CHANGE who YOU are to BE who YOU want to be.

Publishing is a term widely used but rarely understood. It is important that you understand your rights and how to establish opportunities as a  creative — Introducing a platform designed for the creatives. All Artist, Writers, Musicians, Producers and other creatives can benefit from an environment that understands them. The ability to network, collaborate and display your work for the world to see and gain the interest of industry executives that we have partnered with.

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MELT’ON YOUR MOUTH (melt on your mouth), a culinary brand that focuses on Quality, Taste & Presentation. A brother sister duo combining their passion for food with exceptional service and sharing it with the world. Separately, Over the years, they have provided services to so many. All loving and enjoying their cuisines. Offering catering and craft services to clients including the film, TV and music industry. Their services has reached all around Los Angeles and surrounding cities. Now, combining to present a collaboration of their love for food.


Leaders of a subculture and influencing the world around us — We are GOONIES. Centered in the Mecca of Los Angeles, California GOONIES infuses Lifestyle, Entertainment, Music & Business; producing a life of opportunity and opulence. Built on a foundation spanning over two decades of Grind, Passion and Pain, we excel due to the innovative vision which extends beyond industry culture while provoking the status-quo. Opening doors and curating unique relationships is what we do best. Hustlers by trade, “no” is not an answer.

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